Matbim 2015

17th - 19th June 2015

Zaragoza, Spain

Scientific program

This meeting will bring together researchers from worldwide to present and discuss recent advances in science related to mass transfer processes and its implications on product performance, shelf-life and safety. The development of materials, with tailor made properties and a strong focus on bio-based/bio-sourced materials will be discussed with applications in food (packaging, coatings), and on biomedical applications including pharmaceutical and textile.

The conference programme will consist of a number of invited keynote lectures together with contributed oral presentations (15 min plus 5 min of questions) and poster sessions. Scientists from both academic and industrial laboratories are encouraged to present their current research work in one or more of the topics of the program.

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The conference will be structured around 4 main areas with dedicated sessions

Biomaterials for biomedical, pharmaceutical and textile applications
- Novel polymeric drug delivery systems
- Diffusion and mass transfer in hydrogels and membrane systems
- Interfacial behaviour of biopolymers
- Smart textiles for therapeutic applications
- ......

Mass transfer in food packaging and biomaterials : impact on safety and shelf-life

- Safety of bio-based materials
- Nano particles incorporation
- Foods shelf-life
- Migration
- ……

Sustainability and packaging
- Environmental relevance and impact
- Life cycle analysis approaches
- …….

Tools for the design and uses of materials
- Mathematical modelling
- Advances in analytical techniques
- ...